Theme 1

Theme 1: Youth, Inter-generational Mobility, and Civic Values

Leader: Karen Evans; with Alison Fuller, Andy Green, David Guile, Bryony Hoskins, Germ Janmaat, Pauline Leonard Ingrid Schoon, and Martin Weale,

The new projects in Theme One will build on previous Strand Three work on life course and youth transitions but will focus particularly on the transitions of young people aged between 16 and 25 during the period between 2007 and 2017.

Project 1: What part do intergenerational factors play in shaping the learning engagement lifcechances and well-being as young people make transitions to independent adulthood? (Project Leaders: Karen Evans, Ingrid Schoon and Martin Weale)

Project 2: The crisis for contemporary youth: young people, opportunities, and civic values (Project Leader: Andy Green)

Project 3: Getting in and getting on in the youth labour market: entry process, under-employment and skill formation in regional economies (Project Leader: Pauline Leonard)

Project 4: Student debt, Higher Education participation, and intermediate skills development (Project Leaders: Claire Callender and Geoff Mason)

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