Research Papers

The Changing Graduate Labour Market: Analysis Using a New Indication of Graduate Jobs

Francis Green and Golo Henseke - LLAKES Research Paper 50827 kb
Interdisciplinarity in Action:
building and using a conceptual infrastructure for interdisciplinary studies of risk

Karen Evans, Seppo Kontiainen, Ingrid Schoon, and Martin Weale - LLAKES Research Paper 49815 kb
Rethinking industrial policy design in the UK: foreign ideas and lessons, home-grown programmes and initiatives

Geoff Mason and Max Nathan - LLAKES Research Paper 48730 kb
Why are Literacy and Numeracy Skills in England so Unequal? Evidence from the OECD's Survey of Adult Skills and Other International SurveysAndy Green, Francis Green and Nicola Pensiero - LLAKES Research Paper 471480 kb
(How) did New Labour narrow the achievement and participation gap?
Geoff Whitty and Jake Anders - LLAKES Research Paper 461225 kb
Skill Premia and Immigrant-Native Wage GapsAnna Rosso, NIESR - LLAKES Research Paper 451488 kb
Gender Segregation, Apprenticeship, and the Raising of the Participation Age in England: are Young Women at a Disadvantage?Alison Fuller and Lorna Unwin, LLAKES Research Paper 44854 kb
What Has Been Happening to the Training of Workers in Britain?Francis Green, Alan Felstead, Duncan Gallie, Hande Inanc and Nick Jewson - LLAKES Research Paper 43882 kb
All in the mix? Top team demographics and business performance in the UK, 2008-9

Max Nathan, NIESR - LLAKES Research Paper 42884 kb
Vocational Education and Training in Eastern Europe: Transition and Influence

John West - LLAKES Research Paper 411212 kb
Is Britain such a bad place to work? The level and dispersion of job quality in comparative European perspectives

Francis Green, LLAKES Research Paper 40578 kb
Skills for Prosperity? A review of OECD and Partner Country Skill Strategies

Mike Campbell, LLAKES Research Paper 391210 kb
Placing Labour Markets in the Evolution of Old Industrial Regions: the Case of Northern Rock
Stuart Dawley, Neill Marshall, Andy Pike, Jane Pollard and John Tomaney, LLAKES Research Paper 381117 kb
Apprenticeship and Freelance Work: a de-centred and distributed model of learning to develop Media Production apprentices’ vocational practice and
social capital

David Guile and Ann Lahiff, LLAKES Research Paper 371027 kb
Measuring the Impact of Universal Pre-School Education and Care on Literacy Performance Scores
Tarek Mostafa and Andy Green, LLAKES Research Paper 36766 kb
Perceptions of Inequalities: implications for social cohesion

Christine Han, Jan Germen Janmaat, Bryony Hoskins and Andy Green - LLAKES Research Paper 35950 kb
The Evolution of European Union Policies on Vocational Education and Training
John West - LLAKES Research Paper 34812 kb
Economic development and skills policy: what can we learn from Territorial Innovation Models and Territorial Knowledge Dynamics?

Laura James - LLAKES Research Paper 33693 kb
Pre-School Education and Care - A 'Win-Win' Policy?

Andy Green and Tarek Mostafa - LLAKES Research Paper 32677 kb
Production Regimes, Employee Job Control and Skill DevelopmentDuncan Gallie - LLAKES Research Paper 31751 kb
Estimating the effect of Lifelong Learning on women's earnings using a switching modelRichard Dorsett, Silvia Lui and Martin Weale - LLAKES Research Paper 30740 kb
From learning for the knowledge-based economy
to learning for growth: re-examining clusters, innovation and qualifications
Laura James, David Guile and Lorna Unwin
LLAKES Research Paper 29
392 kb
University Incubators and Knowledge Mediation Strategies:
Policy and Practice in Creating Competitive City-Regions
Susan L. Robertson and Fumi Kitagawa
LLAKES Research Paper 28
577 kb
Industrial Doctorates - Employer Engagement in
Research and Skills Formation>
Fumi Kitagawa
LLAKES Research Paper 27
490 kb
Modernising the Pharmacy CurriculumDavid Guile and Farah Ahamed
LLAKES Research Paper 26
429 kb
Learning at work as a low grade worker:
the case of hospital porters
Alison Fuller, Ian Laurie and Lorna Unwin
LLAKES Research Paper 25
502 kb
The Spatial Dimensions of Skills for Life
Workplace Provision
Natasha Kersh, Edmund Waite and Karen Evans
LLAKES Research Paper 24
703 kb
Is Workplace ‘Skills for Life’ Provision Sustainable in the UK? Edmund Waite, Karen Evans and Natasha Kersh
LLAKES Research Paper 23
530 kb
Mapping Demands of Social Change Rainer K. Silbereisen and Martin J. Tomasik
LLAKES Research Paper 21
2103 kb
What is Skill? An Inter-Disciplinary Synthesis Francis Green
LLAKES Research Paper 20
301 kb
The Impact of the 2008-9 Recession on the Extent, Form and Patterns of Training at Work Alan Felstead, Francis Green and Nick Jewson
LLAKES Research Paper 22
763 kb
Constructing Universities’ Responses to Europe’s Lisbon Agenda: the Roles of the European Commission in Creating the Europe of Knowledge Roger Dale
LLAKES Research paper 19
353 kb
Globalising UK Higher Education Susan L. Robertson
LLAKES Research Paper 16
621 kb
Swedish Free Schools: Do they work? Susanne Wiborg
LLAKES Research Paper 18
262 kb
Industry knowledge spillovers:
Do workers gain from their collective experience?
Rebecca Riley
LLAKES Research Paper 17
321 kb
Adult Learning in Decline? Recent Evidence at UK National and City-region LevelGeoff Mason
LLAKES Research Paper 15
588 kb
Endogeneity Problems in Multilevel Estimation of Education Production Functions:
an Analysis Using PISA Data
Saïd Hanchane
and Tarek Mostafa LLAKES Research Paper 14
490 kb
Economic Benefits of Lifelong LearningRichard Dorsett, Silvia Lui and Martin Weale
LLAKES Research Paper 13
693 kb
Bachelor's and Short degrees in the UK and US: New Social Rates of Return and Non-Market effects on DevelopmentWalter W. McMahon and Moses Oketch
LLAKES Research Paper 12
808 kb
A Dangerous ObsessionJordi Planas, John Preston311 kb
Life Chances, Learning and the Dynamics of Risk throughout the Life CourseKaren Evans, Ingrid Schoon and Martin Weale - LLAKES Research Paper 9 499 kb
Chimera of CompetitivenessAndy Green, Tarek Mostafa and John Preston LLAKES Research Paper 8 632 kb
Private Schools and Social Class Segregation in NorwayfJon Lauglo - LLAKES Research Paper 6 328 kb
Adult Training, Skills Updating and RecessionGeoff Mason and Kate Bishop - LLAKES Research Paper 10 647 kb
Economic Regeneration, Social Cohesion and the Welfare-to-Work IndustryAlison Fuller, Lorna Unwin, David Guile and Sadaf Rizvi - LLAKES Research Paper 7 341 kb
School Systems, Segregation and Civic Competences among AdolescentsJan Germen Janmaat - LLAKES Research Paper 5 370 kb
Classroom Diversity and its Relation to Tolerance, Trust and Participation in England, Sweden and GermanyJan Germen Janmaat - LLAKES Research Paper 4 412 kb
Anatomy of Inequalities in Educational AchievementsTarek Mostafa - LLAKES 432 kb
New Forms of Expertise and Learning in the Creative and Cultural SectorDavid Guile - LLAKES Research Paper 2 335 kb
Regimes of Social CohesionAndy Green, Jan Germen Janmaat - LLAKES Research Paper 1 1073 kb