Theme 2

Theme 2:  Learning, Work and the Economy. Leader: Francis Green; with Alan Felstead, Alison Fuller, Duncan Gallie, Susan Halford, David Guile, Geoff Mason, and Anna Vignoles

The financial crisis and subsequent global economic recession have raised major new concerns for the UK economy. Our previous research pointed to the likelihood that the UK would face a prolonged climb out of recession due, not least, to its exceptionally high combination of public and private debt and the dampening effect of this on consumer demand.  In the context of severe cuts in public expenditure, the challenge is now to find new sources of growth in the private sector. We have therefore developed a number of projects in Theme Two which will investigate the role of lifelong learning in supporting new sources of innovation and growth.

Project 1: Skills, innovation, and economic growth (Leader: Geoff Mason)

Project 2: Inter-professional learning in the creative and cultural sector (Leader: David Guile)

Project 3: Work organisation, lifelong learning and employee-driven innovation in the health sector (Leader: Alison Fuller)

Project 4. Skill and job quality: the workers’ perspective (Leader: Francis Green)

Project 5: Good jobs, bad jobs: a longitudinal analysis (Leader: Francis Green)

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