Theme 3

Theme 3: Education, Inequality and Social Cohesion. Leader: Germ Janmaat, with Rebecca Allen, Andy Green, Francis Green, Bryony Hoskins, Lucinda Platt, Peter Taylor-Gooby, and Anna Vignoles

In addition to its individual-level research on learning and the life course, LLAKES has conducted a substantial body of cross-national comparative research on the social effects of lifelong learning systems. This will continue in Theme Three of the new research programme entitled ‘Education, Inequality and Social Cohesion’ but with an important new emphasis on exploring the net effects on educational achievement and social outcomes of each phase of lifelong learning.

Project 1: Causes and dynamics of the unequal distribution of skills among adults
(Project Leaders: Andy Green and Germ Janmaat)

Project 2: Comparative analysis of early childhood cognitive outcomes (Project Leader: Lucinda Platt)

Project 3: Lifelong learning systems, equality, and civic values (Project Leader: Germ Janmaat)

Project 4: The effects of private and quasi-private schooling on society (Project Leader: Susanne Wiborg)

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